A 2.5D Jump n Run Sidescroller in which you destroy an evil, corrupting elemental-crystal.

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The Game Is a 2.5D Jump and Run Siedescroller. Where the Main Protagonist Clover is set out on REVENGE. Once a bright morning Clover was having a nice Picnic with her best friends. When suddenly a Big meteorite crashed down. Out of that Meteorite came a EVIL CRYSTAL that KILLED Clovers friends. Luckily Clover Survived, but when clover woke up she realised that part of the Crystal fused with her head. Giving her the Ability to summon Crystals. And now she is on a Rampage to get Revenge on her friends. But its not going to be easy because as it turns out the EVIL CRYSTAL turned all of the friendly insects bad morphing their appearance and their abilites and making them hostile towards Clover. Will you help Clover on her mission to Avenge her Friends? In this Exhilarating 2.5D Adventure Full of FUN.


The Team

Colin Burmeister

3D Artist

Ekrem-Adrian Bierut

Game Design, Sound Design

Johannes Laarmann

3D Artist, Animation, Level Design

Karl Nehring

Gameplay Programming, UI Programming

Lutz Angermeier


Michel Kramer

3D Artist, 2D Artist

Nils Angermeier

Production, Level Design, Game Design

Patryk Olejnik

Gameplay Programming, AI Programming